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Dear Future Guests of Ours,

Visiting Sanctuaries of the world is on the top of your bucket list? - we can prove it to you Budapest is worth while a visit!


Paulians' cave church


Hungary being a majorly Christian county still lots of religions live peacfully together in Budapest. Beside its  spectacular Roman Catholic Basilica, decorated only with marble and gold holding the most important relique of the Hungarians, you can visit with us the secretive only-Hungarian-founded Catholic order the Paulians' cave church hidden inside the Gellért hill.

Buddhist church


The Buddhist Tara Temple of Tar or its Pudza room in Buddha-Pest has a lot to offer for those who are into quiet meditations or mantras. You might find it interesting to hear from us how this religion is connected to the Ancient Hungarian religion which is still alive with its Medicine-men and drummings and healing waters.. just as its is believed that the heart beat of the world can be heard on top of a hill near Budapest called the 'Thumping Stone'.



One of the most splendid Synagogue of the world can be found here with its uniquely buzzling colourful Jewish quater and history around it.

Turbe of Gül Baba


A Muslim pilgrim place in the Buda hills the Turbe of Gül Baba,who is also called the Father of Roses offers a time travel to the once Ottoman rule in Hungary.

All of these holy place are a good walking distance from each other - shall we vesit together within a day!

See you in Budapest!


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