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PAPRIKA - anything you can think of comes in paprika flavour in Budapest!

Our Dear Future Guests,
Not only Paprika in Budapest!!

Central Europe is undergoing a revolution of Gastronomy while still preserving its well-known traditional flavours as well.


Hungarian flavours


Undoubtedly traditional restaurants with the well-known Hungarian flavours could make a tour of Budapest delightful with its coutryside culture to learn about, perhaps seeing exhibitions and hearing food productions stories, we could all that share with you...

Fusion cuisines


Fusion cuisines of our modern time thrill you? - Let us show you possibilities for amazing new discoveries is Budapest.

Hungarian wines


Wine growing areas - numeruos - pick your choice! We tell you all about it.

Coffee Houses

Cute or Grand Coffee Houses we could take you during a city tour to tell you about the cafe going tradition of the 19th certury and its never-fading flavours..


See you in Budapest!

Please write to us that we can put a personalized program together for you.